Brothers and Sisters,

As you are aware, JCP&L has announced that on October 3, 2022 they will be requiring employees to return to their work locations.  In their announcement it also included mask guidance as well.

Also, the Company has informed the Union that with employees returning to work, they will be cancelling the COVID-19 MOA.  The Local feels that there is still a need for some of the provisions of the COVID-19 MOA, and we will have to negotiate with them on this.

Another thing I would like to address is what the Company wrote in their portal article.  It states “Because of this, we are announcing that effective Oct. 3, employees may begin the transition to our flexible workplace which includes On-site and Mobile work arrangements.”  I just want to emphasize that this statement and others including “Know Your Employee Designation” are strictly speaking about Management employees, non-bargaining employees, not Local 1289 employees.