Local 1289 President’s Message

December 15, 2022

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I hope that this finds you and your family healthy and safe.   I am pleased to announce that since our last update, the employers of all of the members represented by this Local have returned their employees back to work.  

Union Representatives have been working hard on your behalf since taking office.  I want to thank all the Business Representatives, Shop Stewards, and other officers that have given this Local their hard work and dedication, making it a successful year. 

I wanted to update you on the status of certain issues affecting our membership.

We have had several successful negotiations, and I want to thank all of the people that have helped us get these successful contracts and agreements.  They include:

  • Extension with JCP&L/FE
  • New contract with Sussex Rural Co-OP
  • New contract  with the Borough of South River
  • New contract with GenOn at the Gilbert Power plant 
  • New contract  with IHI that bought the Yards Creek station
  • New job description and MOA for a Maintenance Planner at the Yards Creek station
  • Agreement to hire transitional meter readers and transitional CSR’s in preparation for AMI meter installation
  • External Lineman hire for JCP&L, twice 
  • Additional internal hires for PSI 
  • Two additional observed holidays at JCP&L
  • COVID-19 time coding, for when employees test positive for COVID at JCP&L  
  • Upgrades for Meter Testers training others at JCP&L company wide
  • The Union negotiated a settlement for two open NLRB charges that we had with JCP&L in regards to “back office” work in Holmdel. 

We continue to work hard for our Members.  Some of our current projects include:  

  • We have been, and still are, meeting with JCP&L on the impact of the AMI meter project on our Members. We have been pushing to have more jobs added to make it easier for impacted employees.
  • We are currently negotiating a new MOA for FR Clothing
  • At JCPL we are working on getting more jobs in needed areas posted
  • We are having and currently still having grievance meetings 
  • We have several arbitrations on the schedule for 2023  
  • We still have not been able to settle the Contract for the Borough of Madison. The Local has filed an impasse charge with the State of NJ and a charge for not negotiating in good faith. We have had mediation meetings with the Town and State; we have another one scheduled at the end of December

We look forward to continuing to fight for the needs of our members.  Remember to always feel free to reach out to our offices with any questions.

Stay healthy and safe, and have a great Holiday.  


Jeffrey Ecklof

President/Business Manager, IBEW Local 1289